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Snow Art in W11

It’s very hot today in Holland Park and this made me think of a time, not long after I moved into to the area, when there was a fall of snow.

The night the snow fell, I was walking home from somewhere; it was quite late, perhaps the early hours of morning. Passing the Royal Crescent park, I noticed there was a couple in there. It was dark, but the impression I got was that they were grown ups, middle-aged perhaps; certainly not teenagers.

I assumed they’d been overcome with snow-joy, albeit in the middle of the night, and were out making footprints, a snowman and throwing snowballs before anyone else got the chance.

Great, I thought, that there at least two adults in this rather stuffy neigbourhood so uninhibited.

The next morning, however, as a pale, watery light fell on the park, the true nature of their midnight recreation was revealed… 

snow art willy, holland park, w11

snow art in w11


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Mayor Boris okays permanent Ghost-bike memorial

Ghost bike, Notting Hill Gate. A permanent memorial.

Ghost bike, Notting Hill Gate. A permanent memorial.

 Sunday 5th September a ghost-bike was fixed to a railing in Notting Hill Gate.

It’s there for many reasons, the main one being to mark the death of yet another London cyclist, Eilidh Jake Cairns.

Eilidh was killed by a tipper lorry near this spot. The lack of any witnesses meant the driver has not been prosecuted. 

The ghost-bike will also serve as street art and, one hopes, as an unsettling warning to all road users.

Ghost-bikes have become an increasingly common sight around London and the world, marking the spot of a fallen cyclist.

This particular ghost-bike is unusual in that London Mayor Boris Johnson gave his permission for it to remain  a permanent fixture.

Local authorities would normally remove them after a time. This one, however, will stay.

Ghost bike, Notting Hill Gate. A permanent memorial.

Ghost bike, Notting Hill Gate. A permanent memorial.

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Martian Cylinder unearthed on Addison Avenue

The discovery of a Martian cylinder under Addison Avenue has caused major disruption to residents and estate agents in Holland Park.

Major Martian disruption on Addison Ave

Major Martian disruption on Addison Ave

The metal tube, believed to contain a giant three-legged robot with a heat-ray weapon ‘eye’, was found last week as someone tried to extent their basement to include a subterranean swimming pool and sauna.

Residents have been very put out by the alien object.

‘It has meant the Ocado van has had to park quite a bit further away,’ said one local.

Mums bringing their children to Norland Place School have had to park their SUVs up to fifty yards further away.

Six Tarquins,  two Jocastas and one Sherston reportedly needed emergency oxygen after the unforeseen requirement to walk.

Local councillor, Mr Bribes, assured residents the matter was being dealt with. “The chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to one,” he said.

But they still came.


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Scenes from the Park #1

In normal parts of the UK, it wouldn’t be all that odd to find an abandoned car in the local park.

In some parts of the UK, it wouldn’t be odd if the abandoned car had a dead body in the boot and a roof-rack full of Vimto-flavoured ecstacy pills.

This is modern life. In fact, if it wasn’t smashed up and set on fire, the local council might actually incorporate it into the park, as something for the kids to jump on, or the heroine addicts to sit behind on windy days.

Old car pushed though Holland Park

Old car pushed though Holland Park

In Holland Park, W11, however, the sight of four youths pushing what appeared to be a discarded Fiat was just bound to have a more innocuous backround story.

‘Did some joy-riders dump that here?’ I asked, as the youngsters shouldered the jalopy down the pathway.

‘No,’ came the polite reply. ‘It’s a prop we’re using in our production of Tosca.’

a prop for a production of Tosca

a prop for a production of Tosca

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